fireworks in the office

and i mean literally... i was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, and a few little sparking noises perk up my ears... a light electrical box over my desk sparked, and started to smoke... i could smell the melted metal/plastic smell.. oh the fun! mind you that this was after everyone else in the office has gone home, and its just me. i called in our maintenence guy, and he put plastic over the leak in the roof that was dripping on the box... but jsut as he was about to pull away and drive home.. it sparked again, but this time with enough sparks to hit the floor. i think its time to go home...

just a little bit of heart healthy nervousness to make sure that i'm still alive. i could do with a little shower from our sprinkler system, but i dont really think that the computers and all of our papers could take it.

just another day in the office.


coachella 2007

the tickets have been purchased, and the hotel room reserved!
3 days of blistering heat, dehydrated wandering, and the wonderful sounds of indie music, here we come!
now that i still have 3 months of waiting, its time to start doing my music homework, and getting hip to the new beats...
oooh its exciting to think of all the new acquisitions.

keeping it going...

i know that im not the first person to ever request this, but i would really really like to have a few more hours in the day. maybe its just for this month, or this time of year, i dont know... but i feel so strapped for time. by the time i first look up from my desk every day at work, its lunch time - like i really have time to get that organized and eaten.. haha lunch ends up being around 2-3, late enough to destroy a regular dinner time, and late enough for me to be on my last legs of sanity. i must admit that i am very much at fault for taking on more than i can handle with freelancing, etc. maybe i should start charging for these services, so that maybe i can take a day or two off from regular work...hmm... i just dont think that my real work would be willing to not see me at my desk... i think they might even be considering a ball and chain...


bye bye Belfast

i was doing some high level math in my head earlier and i have figured out that i spent over 1/6th of the last year in Northern Ireland. i am starting to miss Belfast and the set up of the city, and the coffeehouses, and the pubs, and walking the Queen's Bridge over the River Lagan into the city centre to shop my heart out, and eat veg soup with a side of egg mayonnaise. i miss the people, and Stephen, and all his friends. the movie house, and the drive to cookstown. i miss how people are courteous drivers who dont really speed, and understand the concept of passing on the right (although its the left over there). its going to be a bit of a transitional period for me to readjust to life here in the chaos of Los Angeles. i miss the football highlights, and watching stephen root for Newcastle. maybe soccer highlights will make it big over here now that we have acquired mr. Beckham. only time will tell.

Welcome 2007

new year = new hobbies

my goal for this new year is to try and live my life. if this means actually doing laundry at the same time every week, filing my bills (and paying them ontime) in an actual file folder, and regularly writing a blog, then bygeorge, I will do it. or at least try. i have spent the last 6 hours cleaning my closet, doing laundry, and trying to organize my shoes. i think that i have an inch thick layer of dust in my lungs now, and a new appreciation for oganizational tools- i.e. shelving. this week i am planning a trip to the shopping haven - Target, or as we like to call it, Tarjay. (that was a really bad spelling job of a french accent, but i havent yet figured out accents in shortcuts- sorry) oh the fun that my wallet will be having there...