home again

I am back from my 3 week long travels to places that i have already been, but absolutely loved, so i went back. London, Edinburgh, and Paris. My three favorite cities... granted they are the 3 abroad cities that i have visited before, (Ireland and northern Ireland excluded... belfast and dublin are up there too!) the trip was fantastic, and if i had one of those PC computers, you would all be able to see the pics from a picasso page or something like that. But sadly no... i choose to have a mac, and you must all go and visit my myspace and see the pics that i have put up so far on that. www.myspace.com/randomrose

When i get to be not so lazy, i will post more. vacations are so nice, except for the whole returning part - that is just torture! work is already painful to say the least... although... i have acquired back my lovely mate Maricka... and she gained a Paul, so thats not so bad ;)

back to the grindstone!