musica musica

with the help of G, i can now play (although very very slowly) the song "if you want me" from the once soundtrack.
it is SO exciting to hear a song come out of my fumbling fingers and super slow strumming.

im on my way...


movie and music review

right before i left for my trip, G and I went to see once on a high recommendation from my boss as well as 20 other random people here and there. this movie is quite amazingly unpretentious and very charming. the delicate approach that they used to depict a potentially cliche scenario really worked well, (not to mention that i love the movie poster) street musician sings on street, meets girl, make beautiful music together, then you can see what happens when you watch it... Glen hansard, lead singer of the Frames does a really good job at acting and the whole movie had a certain air to it that seemed real and fragile. it reminded me of the old days listening to elliott smith off the Either/Or album and just disappearing into the songs and his voice. soo good!


the day after we went to see the movie, G came home with the movie soundtrack that she got from a guy at work. ultimately this became the soundtrack to my trip to europe... and still kind of is. a little bit of research later, i am now really into the Burn the Maps album by the Frames. There are certain qualities in his voice that remind me so much of Elliott, and that makes me really happy considering he's gone.

final verdict: once and the frames = happy me


end of summer resolutions:

now that the frantic summer vacations are over.. and life is starting to settle down, i need to find something new to do:
what to do, what to do?

Resolution 1: learn guitar
considering i live with probably one of the best guitarists this side of the la river, i have decided to learn a bit of the 6-string. After two brief lessons of basics and although the tips of my fingers are raw, I can now play two chords... and once i can figure out how to play them one after the other, I will be on the path to playing two new songs:
Leaving on a Jet Plane & Brown Eyed Girl (a little colorado and a little northern ireland - woohoo)
perhaps when i am really good, i will tackle Ringworm... perhaps not.

Resolution 2: keep plants alive
I am the proud owner of 3 new ivys which, as of today, have been doing very well, and new growth is present. maybe someday soon, i will be one of those people who has crazy huge ivy in every room that grows over everything, and becomes part of the house... you never know!... i was pretty successful with my vegetable garden this year: fresh cherry tomatoes, and very very little bell peppers.

Resolution 3: cook dinner at least 3 times a week
I love to cook - all this top chef excitement is making me hungry... and now that my kitchen is emaculate from the 4 hour cleaning that took place after we were ruthlessly attacked by ants, i think that i will need to put it to use. i have also recently realized that i really like mushrooms.. and my recent experiment of sauteed mushrooms and onions (very fancy i know) has proven deliciously successful! there is now nothing better than mushroom and onion sauteed sake seitan with steamed fresh corn on the cob and a glass of Tempranillo wine.

so that's basically the extent of my new "end of summer resolutions"... i don't want to overload myself as i tend to not follow through with new things... surprise surprise

until next time.. when dinner, decor, and entertainment is on me :)