time flies

i can't believe its been nearly 2 months since the last post.. i am on a roll of nothing!

went to see the film wristcutter, a love story last night, and enjoyed it very much. lots of cameos, and a suprisingly uplifting feel. highly recommended to all the movie fans out there.. (all 2 of you who read this)

also keeping up with the whole guitar business... but its a slow and steady process, which i am more than happy to keep myself busy with. the cold dark days are upon us now, and its a struggle to not let the winter blues get to me... more sunshine please... or really more hobbies to keep my mind busy :)

many music gigs to see this week! MIA and the Swell Season... strangely at the same venue one night after another... perhaps i should just stay there, and not go home..

also, lastly i went to see a comedy show on sunday night, and janeane garofolo made an appearance... note to self: pay more attention to politics. she is so versed and articulate when it comes to discussing all things political. It really reved me up to put more energy in the requisite research that comes around every 4 years. got to love democracy, and the media... neither one turns out for the good of the people, and they both aim (and succeed) to confuse and discourage. woohoo!