my new hero!

tonight, geolyn and sheena and myself all went to Largo and laughed our asses off to zack galifianakis! here's a little taste of some of his genius...


movie under and above the stars

love love love the cemetary screenings! sit around in line for an hour... picnic on the grass for an hour and a half, and watch super cool movies outside on a grassy lawn in the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. Mr. McGrathy can attest to the greatness that is the cemetary screenings!



birthday schmirthday...

another year, and whats to show for it... umm... yeah
call me cynical, and perhaps i will regret this later... but screw family - friends are best!


time keeps on ticking...

coachella was a blast... so much so that the pictures that are on my damn camera are locked into solitude... i can't find the damn cord to let me upload them... there's also lost pictures from Dublin, and a wonderful photo shoot with Henry.. the stud that he is! oh the torture!