Hockey Mania...

Wow... i just got home from one of the greatest games that i have seen in a long long time...
Although i have not always been the most loyal fans of the Los Angeles Kings, I have always kept up with them, and supported when they played any team besides the Devils or the Rangers (Go Devils!)... but seriously... the Kings have done it tonight...

Up by two points in the beginning, they managed to lose their lead (surprise surprise!)... and they were down 4-5 coming to the end of the game... with 2:06 on the clock, the kings got a penalty, and there was a power play to the the Avanlanche... IDIOTS! but they stayed strong, and with 30 seconds to go, they pulled goalie Burke to destroy the Avalanche power play... 5 on 5... with 3.8 seconds to go... the Kings pull a miracle move out of their asses, and SCORE!!! HOly crap balls!!! the crowd went wild, and it was absolutely amazing! They tied the game at the last moment, allowing the game to continue in overtime... the 5 minute overtime went quickly with no score, and the shoot out began. Avalanche score... Kings miss... Avalanche miss, Kings score... avalanche score... Kings SCORE... this means that we are now in Sudden Death Shoot out... I swear that i have never been to a game EVER that has gone to sudden death shoot out... the whole crowd was on its feet... cheering like crazy people... my hands were almost bleeding from clapping so much... The avalanche shoot first... miss! next are the kings... MISS... Avalanche miss... SCORE!!! Kings win!! it was absolutely amazing... this is what games should be like everytime... that was well worth the ticket!

(I might be off a bit with my re-telling, so don't hold me to every detail... hehe but it was truly amazing!)


Mr. Potter

yes... the time has come! i have been suckered in, and now i can't seem to escape...
i am reading HARRY POTTER !!

i think that Atresha will be so proud of me... with a huge topping of I TOLD YOU SO... i find myself up at night reading until 3 or 4... i have shot through the first 4 in one week! the most frightening part of it... is that i have seen the movies, and i know what is going to happen, and yet i still force myself to read through the next chapter to read what happens... i keep quoting the book... Im turning into one of those little 14 year old kids who calls another a mudblood, and pretends to do curses on their friends. what is happening to me??? i fought it for so long... but its finally leeched its way into my life...

after reading children of men, and blindness, i knew that i needed a break from the stress-inducing, dismal, apocalyptic story telling that happened to be in abundance, but i am finding myself so much more stressed out about poor little potter... i might need some dr. suess after this series is over...

im just happy that i dont have to wait a year for the next installment. i picked a very convenient time to become obsessed with this story... i can't imagine the torturous wait that these poor young kids had to endure... oh the humanity of it all!


wake, work, eat, work, eat, work, sleep

holy shitballs!

It is now about 1 am, and i am just now settling in for the night. how do other people do this...? i am so exhausted, mentally and physically, that i found it very difficult this evening to get up the energy to get dinner!!! and that is something HUGE in my world. i love food! we are in the process of redesigning our expo booth for work, and with all the thousands of balls in the air that involve just that, now lets add in the usual expo crap that needs to get done, and oh yeah... all the other regular work that is expected of me... wait: now lets add in an independent movie, which i over-eagerly agreed to help out with, the website for that, establishing what the hell we need to do next, and then finding the resources and time to do them. Wow, did that sound like complaining? i don't really mean it to, but where the hell did all this stuff come from? one minute, i am resting and relaxing in Belfast with Stephen, and the next, I can't find my way through the pile of bills that are stacking up, or the ever present cold that refuses to leave my system! grrrrr updates on all these projects to come as they slowly make their way out of my high stress levels, and after i manage to get a full nights rest!

but there is some good news in there somewhere:

this blog is being written by an official college graduate! woohooo! i received the diploma in the mail today, and i couldnt be more chuffed (as stephen would say). all those painful years of studying and spending money - packaged up into an 8.5 by 11 piece of paper. at least they managed to spell my name right. woohoo! go me!



while on one of her many many hikes along the PCT trail, Geolyn happened upon a guy named Jim who was really interesting and knowledgeable. turns out he was some big wig at Microsoft, and a few weekends ago, he went out in his boat to spread his mothers ashes into the pacific ocean, and has not been seen since. there is a website devoted to finding him, and it raises a question for me: how long would you hold out hope if a family member or friend went missing? obviously, the time spent searching allows some grieving to soak in, but there has to remain a level of denial if the search extends beyond weeks. but then hollywood presented us with castaway, and the same question... with a little answer: the wife ends up moving on, and poor Tom Hanks is left all alone in the world with a stupid package which leads him to a beautiful woman...(yeah right) but back to the topic, would the hope of finding the person prevent you from properly dealing with their potential death, or is it necessary to begin the grieving process? would it be rude to give up too soon, and therefore, the hope is exisiting to merely fend off our own guilt?

i have no answers to any of these questions, but as of now, we are still hoping that Jim is found safe and sound, perhaps he has made his way down to Baja california, and is drinking Mai Tais on the beach.

we can only hope...


history of an american waste of time...

or so i tend to think...

being that tomorrow is one of the most watched and anticipated days in american television... i decided to do some quick research on the subject: the history of american football.

i can proudly say that i have never been to a professional football game, and hopefully for me, never will. I am even more proud to say that i have been to a professional rugby game, and someday would like to again. but in the vein of my topic, where and why have we managed to morph the sports of soccer and rugby into such a slow moving, violent, and commercial laden sport? According to this website and wikipedia, the two most regonized academic institutions in america are to blame: Harvard, and Princeton. sadly, my own semi-alma-mater Rutgers is also in there as one of the first, but proudly, they were triumphant in the first official college game. how in the name of dan marino did this sport come out of the greatest colleges in america? why is it that football players are notorious for being some of the lowest ranked students in their class? why is it that you could be called a nerd if you go to harvard or princeton, but a hometown hero if you are the quarterback for your high school team?

a sport that is designed to fit in those profitable television commercial breaks; a sport that seems to have more time standing still than movement (even more than golf) with all the damn penalties and time between downs; a sport that survives on advertisement deals and the great american way of consumption. god bless american football.


Lily Allen, who?

so, when i was out in northern ireland for my 1/6th of last year, i fell in love with some cheesy pop tunes... and artists, one being ms. lily allen. if i would have guessed that she would be headlining next to the shins here for a sounds eclectic concert, i would have payed a lot more attention to her website and tours. that little lady has been in just about every magazine that i have picked up, and seems to have taken the music/fashion industry by storm... she's hhhyyyyaaauuuuuggggge(huge)! maybe i should now join the all saints mailing list!... (hehe.. just kidding)