bye bye Belfast

i was doing some high level math in my head earlier and i have figured out that i spent over 1/6th of the last year in Northern Ireland. i am starting to miss Belfast and the set up of the city, and the coffeehouses, and the pubs, and walking the Queen's Bridge over the River Lagan into the city centre to shop my heart out, and eat veg soup with a side of egg mayonnaise. i miss the people, and Stephen, and all his friends. the movie house, and the drive to cookstown. i miss how people are courteous drivers who dont really speed, and understand the concept of passing on the right (although its the left over there). its going to be a bit of a transitional period for me to readjust to life here in the chaos of Los Angeles. i miss the football highlights, and watching stephen root for Newcastle. maybe soccer highlights will make it big over here now that we have acquired mr. Beckham. only time will tell.


McGrathy said...

Yay another blogger has entered the online arena!

And look at that, I have the honour of posting the first comment.

We all miss you over here too. The stores are wondering why they aren't selling as much mash as they were last month!

Keep up the posting good buddy and add a link to my blog!!!


Katie said...

i might need some blogging instructions in that regard... oh wise blogging master... will you help one so new and small to this form of media? hehe

and oh the mash! i forgot about the mash!