Welcome 2007

new year = new hobbies

my goal for this new year is to try and live my life. if this means actually doing laundry at the same time every week, filing my bills (and paying them ontime) in an actual file folder, and regularly writing a blog, then bygeorge, I will do it. or at least try. i have spent the last 6 hours cleaning my closet, doing laundry, and trying to organize my shoes. i think that i have an inch thick layer of dust in my lungs now, and a new appreciation for oganizational tools- i.e. shelving. this week i am planning a trip to the shopping haven - Target, or as we like to call it, Tarjay. (that was a really bad spelling job of a french accent, but i havent yet figured out accents in shortcuts- sorry) oh the fun that my wallet will be having there...

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