I'm still alive...

For those of you out there that actually read this, please be reassured to know that I am still alive.

I moved into the aforementioned apartment and for the longest time didn't have internet. All has been remedied and i am back on the inter-galactic web.

Living in an apartment all by my lonesome is in fact quite lonesome, but very much a learning experience. Henry and I have both enjoyed being on our own, with no kiva or koala to beat us up or wake us up in the early AM. (although henry has decided to take over that task). I am decided that I have way too many clothes and feel like the apartment is in some sort of laundry state at all times. Right now my bikes are covered in clothes, as is my couch and side chair. Oh yeah, and the whole right side of my bed. Its like i am sleeping next to someone, but it is fact my pile of clean clothes. not quite a boyfriend.

I still havent gotten around to purchasing a tv set yet. That is kinda the final act of living alone i suppose. Getting a giant tv and cable access. For now its my ancient laptop that heats up so badly that I have to put it in the freezer every now and then and netflix dvds. oh the good times.


Neil J M said...

So glad to see you back on the blogosphere at last! Long may it continue. Hope things are cool Stateside!



Katie said...

thanks neil! this may be round 3, but it's something. ;)