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New recap of last week:

Friday: Atresha texted me to meet up with her at my house at around 630 so we could head out to a dinner reservation in downtown at 8. At 6, I get a call from a lady who has an apartment for me to see in Silverlake, but she will only be around until 730. So AK and I rush over to see the apartment on the way to dinner. We barely make it, but once there the apartment is really cute and HUGE for the price. The best part is that parking is included. So I pick up an application and tell the lady i will fill it out and bring it back on Saturday, since they will be making their decision on Monday. We go to dinner (which was fabulous) and then proceed to the Standard in downtown, where we have to sit outside for ages to get in, but finally do, and the view was amazing. Pictures will someday be updated on my picture site.

Saturday: Geolyn breaks her wrist while hiking. She fell backwards and broke her fall with her wrist, but in the process, dislocated and later found out that it was broken. The most amazing part of the tale to me is that she had to finish the 5 miles back down the mountain to the car. She certainly is a trooper. I dont think i would have had that much gusto. I do end up turning in that application and then spend the whole day with my aunt at the mall and we see a cute movie called Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Overall it was a good day except for G and her wrist, and the damn public transportation system. My aunt and i almost got stranded 3 miles away from her place but a nice bus lady stopped for us even though she wasnt supposed to.

Sunday: Get to spend the day with G sitting around in the waiting room of the Urgent care place, where we discover that the wrist is in deed broken, and will need to return to the orthopedist on Monday for a cast. Her fracture is called a Colles fracture, and it would end up requiring something called a closed reduction, which is basically setting the bones so that they heal right. This "little" procedure, is actually considered surgery even though it doesnt involve a knife or blood. They moved her wrist a bunch of times back and forth, and from what she described, was the most pain she has ever felt in her entire life. no thank you!

Monday: I got the apartment! woohoo! pictures will be coming soon on this :)

Wednesday: My aunt and I head out to the airport. She is going home, and I will be her travelling companion. In the car, we hear that there was a bomb scare in the terminal 1, which closed down that terminal. Her terminal is luckily number 6, so hopefully there wouldnt be a problem. When we get there we also find out that American Airlines has cancelled some 2000 flights that day for plane inspections. Continental had better be good to us! So since we are standby, we basically get to sit and wait to find out if there are empty seats on the flight that we can take. All the passengers were boarded, and the gate was empty except for us and 2 other people. Turns out there was only 1 seat left, and my name was next in line. So my aunt took my seat, and i got to turn around and go home. I called Sheena to come and pick me up and bring me to work. It took her forever, and it turns out that there was an explosion at the water and pwer building near the airport, and 2 firefighters were injured, one of which later died. I didnt really think that this week could get weirder.

Saturday: Sheena and I spend almost all the sunlight hours painting my new kitchen and living room. the kitchen is a yellow color called Cowslip #4, and the living room is a light gray/brown called Taupe #3. Very exciting, abut uber exhausting. We had lunch brought home from a super delicious vegan place walking distance from my new place, and got drinks from the even mroe exciting mcdonalds near it too. (just kidding)

Today: was crazy. I can't think of any better way to say it than that. G and I set off around noon to head out to my *new apartment* and meet Shannon so she could bring me over some furniture that i am taking off her hands. We were going to stop off first to get lunch and then hike for about an hour in Griffith Park, so G could get somd exercise in since breaking her wrist last weekend. The traffic on the freeway was ridiculous! Turns out that someone was shot in the head on the freeway at 8:15 am, and they had the whole freeway heading eastbound closed for investigation. Freeway Shooting It was interesting to see a small place with a banner behind it flying over the scene. We were joking around that it would be a perfect time for advertising with everyone in their cars sitting doing nothing, but we really think it was to keep the news helicopters away from the scene. So after much deviations, we make it to lunch, and eat and The Birds place on Franklin. Super yummy. Then we are off to Griffith Park, and we walk up a pathway that gave us the most amazing view of the Observatory. Its been restored beautifully, and its a landmark that i have always loved in LA. We could also see the Hollywood sign perfectly, so all in all it was a perfect tourist hike. The rest of the day was as it was supposed to be. I now have 2 pieces of furniture in the new place. A fantasticly retro kitchen table and chairs and a futon for the living room. So exciting.

On a side note: I was talking with G in the car as we were passing the accident on the freeway. Not to mention that just last night there was another shooting of someone in their car on a freeway, but the incidences of shootings is just frightening. I was looking online at a stats breakdown of my new zipcode and discovered that there are 38 registered Sex offenders in the area. If we are so concerned about registering these offenders, I am very interested in why we dont have greater controls on bullets. We should have registration of bullets, or I think it was some comedian (maybe Dave Chappelle) who said that bullets should cost like $500. That way each bullet would mean something. I think in America we are so concerned with the right to bear arms and hold on to that right as if it meant that we have the right to jsut shoot what we want. In actuality, the threat that existed back in those days of independence are no longer at those extreme levels. To hear also that there are some people in the NRA who want to allow teachers and people who have guns allowed to bring them onto school campuses just seems outrageous! Lets add more risk. Instead of taking away the guns that shouldnt be there in the first place, lets allow untrained civilians to carry them. The right to bear arms is perfectly ok to have, but lets place contols on the bullets that are placed in those guns. If you are a hunter, or a law-abiding registered gun owner, what risk would you have to carry and use bullets that are registered in your name or are trackable? Granted, there will always be people who break the law, or scratch out serial numbers, etc. But is there not some way to better track these killing tools. To think that the person who shot the guy on the freeway today may never be caught because all we knew was the caliber of the weapon... It just seems stupid.

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