New Year, New Look

Happy almost end of January!

I am nowhere near as good as organizing my thoughts as Mr Neil, (nor as good as the chickens in Chicken Run) so here is my current state of mind spit out onto your screen:

Work: Been good to me as good as work can be. A hard earned raise finally fell on my doorstep. woohoo me! We also have a HUGE ad placement coming in march. For everyone who is able to find it, look on the back cover of the March issue of Vegetarian Times. a whole back cover all to Vegenaise. So exciting, and i got the opportunity to design it myself. yeah!

Home: Got me some TV action finally and followed that up with some VCR/DVD action. I am now the proud owner of a 37" Sony Bravia LCD thinga-ma-bobber, and a something or other VCR/DVD player. Tried to universal-ize by player thing, but it no worky. I am still stuck with all my UK dvd imports being viewed on the 17" mac screen i see before me now. Ah well, its a step in the right direction. The TV was a deal of deals, and although i dont have a stand for it yet, i got 20% off and i only had to spend 2 hours at the Best Buy store to get it. Bu-yah! I've already watched the following: Tootsie and 8 1/2, and was just about to watch Mr. Neil's recent viewing, Mulholland Drive. The movie that has no point, and leaves you feeling like you are lost and confused. Yeah!

Marathon: Not too long ago, in a work place not far away, an email fell into my inbox. It was by a person named Sheena, and it suggested that a bunch of people sign up and run a thing called a 5K. Run? Ha, that's not for me. But oh fine, i thought i would give it a try. So now, I am in a group of people who on May 4th will be running a 5K in Santa Monica and the proceeds of whatever we can conjure up sponsorship-wise will be donated to help the Orangutans who are being out-sourced to India. Or maybe they are just being kicked out of their habitats by all the palm oil being harvested for "biofuel". Bio doesnt really fit in that purpose, but its the way we do things here on planet Earth. Never a win/win. We like to see other things suffer for our gain. Yeah!

Black Books: Ever found yourself acting like someone you know. Mannerisms that they do are slowly seeping into your being. Well, I think that Bernard Black is seeping into me. I am not sure if its a good thing, but i am in a constant state of him. I think anyone who doesn't know what Black Books is should go and find out, and then picture me as Mr. Black. A grouchy, complaining, wino bookstore owner who expresses himself through quick, bitter remarks and insults. Yeah!

Right, that I think is enough for the month of January. Stay Tuned!


Neil J M said...

Hey Katie, thanks for another blog post (and a wee plug for me too - call me Mr Neil from now on please, haha)!

As a proud geek I'm very impressed with all your techie buys. If you can throw the make and model of your DVD/VCR 'thingy' my way I'm sure my associates and I can get you a region-unlock code or summit. Also congratulations on your raise and your ad coverage - hope I get to see it online somewhere (scanned and uploaded on these very pages, perhaps?).

Yeah, Mulholland Drive - I hope you like it too. I should have hated it, because it's totally up its own ass, but I was sold by the soundtrack, atmosphere, art direction, and a lesbian Naomi Watts. Yeah.

Congrats on a great 2009 so far, and MOAR BLOGGING please!


McGrathy said...

Go you with all your blogging and real-life activities! I'm so jealous and feeling really guily about not blogging.

Love Black Books as you know, but you'll never be Bernard Black until you surrender hygiene and start smoking 50 a day.

Love,love, love your designs so put them on here (as per Mr Neil's idea) or send them to me - you still have my email right ;)

Biazarrely January is also about consumerism and running for me too. I now have an ipod and I'm doing a wee bit of the Belfast Marathon on... May 4th!!!

Weird non? Let me know how you're training is going. You'll ace it no probs :)